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Welcome to the Website of the Libertarian Alliance

This site is presently under construction. Though it contains every page we have created since 1979,  you will need to let yourself into our old website (via the "LA Publications" link on the top menu bar) to find everything. We hope, before too long, to have it all neatly accessible via the index entries to the right. 

Please don't overlook our appeal for money (via the "Donate" link on the top menu bar.  We are always short of money. And do please buy some of the books shown to the left.

We turn to the matter of the links to other sites, given below. If you link to us, and tell us that you have, we will link to you. Sometimes, if we greatly admire you, we will link unilaterally - though we shall also think less of you for the lack of reciprocity.

For Life, Liberty and Property!