2010 Conference of the Property and Freedom Society, held in the June of that year in Bodrum (Video Files). Not an LA event, but filmed by Sean Gabb

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VIDEO Record of Proceedings:
Property and Freedom Society
Fifth Annual Meeting
Bodrum, Turkey, 3rd-7th June 2010
Hotel Karia Princess

Friday, 4th June 2010

10:00-11:00 Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Welcoming Remarks. The PFS - After Five Years
11:15-11:45 Richard Spencer, The "Alternative Right" in America
14:30-15:00 Marco Bassani, It usually begins with John Locke. Reflections on Classical Liberalism and the State
15:15-15:45 Paul Gottfried, Encountering the Left: My Meetings with Herbert Marcuse
16:00-16:30 Richard Lynn, On Human Diversity: The Global Bell Curve. Updates and Critical Replies
16:45-18:00 Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Richard Spencer, Marco Bassani, Paul Gottfried, Richard Lynn, Discussion, Q & A

Saturday, 5th June 2010

10:00-10:30 Olivier Richard, The Cantillon Effect: How to Enrich Yourself at Others' Expense Without Anyone Noticing It
10:45-11:15 Guido Huelsmann, The Mirage of Cheap Credit
11:30-12:00 Nikolay Gertchev, Not New, Not True, Irrelevant or Evil: How Economic Nobel Prizes Are Won
14:30-15:00 Norman Stone, World War I - the Eastern Front: Britain, the Ottoman Empire, and the Making of Turkey and the Modern Middle East
15:00-15:30 Hunt Tooley, World War II: Western Imperialism and the New Middle East
15:45-16:15 Sean Gabb, Chamberlain, Churchill and World War II: Reflections on Factual and Counterfactual History
16:15-16:45 Mustafa Akyol, Are Islam and Capitalism Compatible?
17:00-18:00 Richard, Huelsmann, Gertchev, Stone, Tooley, Gabb, Akyol, Discussion, Q & A

Sunday, 6th June 2010

10:00-10:30 Hans-Hermann Hoppe, On Private Goods, Public Goods, and the Need for Privatization
10:45-11:15 Frank van Dun, Property and Punishment. Restitution and Retribution
11:30-12:00 Thomas DiLorenzo, America's Culture of Violence: Myth vs. Reality
14:30-15:00 Anthony Daniels (Theodore Dalrymple), �Public Health� as a Lever for Tyranny
15:15-15:45 Stephan Kinsella, Ideas are Free: The Case Against Intellectual Property Rights
16:00-16:30 Terence Kealey, Science is a Private Good - Or: Why Government Science is Wasteful
16:45-18:00 Hoppe, van Dun, DiLorenzo, Kinsella, Daniels, Kealey, Discussion, Q & A
18:00-18:10 Hans-Hermann Hoppe,Closing Remarks

Extra Item - Asena demonstrates, through mime and allegory, the benefits of a free and prosperous society

DVD recordings of these speeches are available on request from the Libertarian Alliance at �20 plus 60p postage for a complete set (AVCHD format - playable on PC and in some DVD machines). Use the button below to buy your set, or contact Sean Gabb.

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